My Style Genie — A Cool New Fashion Site

My Style Genie

  I was recently asked to be a beta tester for a new interactive fashion website called My Style Genie. What’s it all about? Well, it’s a virtual closet. And online shopping. And a fashion blog. And access to a personal shopper and stylist. All rolled into one. I am really excited about the possibilities […]

Makeup Monday — Dirty Little Secrets

Kiss Super Groom

  I think we all do at least one gross or embarrassing thing for the sake of beauty. Whether it’s popping pimples or bleaching a mustache or covering up gray hairs with mascara, there’s something we do late at night, behind a locked bathroom door, that we’d prefer no one ever know about. Today, I’m […]

Makeup Monday — Beautiful Before

Mary Kay Makeover Contest

  So I asked my mom if I could give her a makeover a couple of weeks ago. Not that she needed one — she’s beautiful, and her makeup is always lovely (I learned everything I know from her, after all).But I wanted to get some practice choosing colors for other people, and try a couple of […]

Makeup Monday — Relief For Sandy Victims


  Sometimes it’s hard to put on a brave face. Sometimes we’re too exhausted or depressed or busy to take care of our appearance and put our best foot forward. I understand that feeling, and I’ve even written a post about how we can perk ourselves up when we’re feeling down. But there are times […]

Makeup Monday — Mary Kay And Me


  There are a couple of things I’ve been doing for many years. First, I’ve been giving friends makeup tips and doing makeovers for anyone who asks. Second, I’ve been using Mary Kay products. Both of those things make me irrationally happy. Helping women feel beautiful brings me great peace and satisfaction. So does finding […]