How To Prepare For A House Cleaning


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Disclosure: Sometimes Molly Maid cleans my house for free, and in return, I help them with promotional work. I’d do pretty much anything to have someone else clean my house, including, but not limited to, selling a kidney. However, I wouldn’t lie. When I talk about how much I love Molly Maid, it’s because they’re awesome, not because they made me say it.

Mother’s Day is two days away and no one has yet asked me what I want. Maybe it’s because they’ve forgotten, in which case I will get to play the martyr card and milk that mistake for a loooooong time, which would be fine by me. Maybe it’s because Nick has some sort of surprise worked up (I wouldn’t put it past him — he’s an excellent gift-giver). Or maybe it’s just because they know I don’t really want for anything, at least not anything money can buy. I would like Finn to give me kisses and hugs and cuddles without a fight, but that will never happen.

It could just be, though, that my Mother’s Day gift will be a last-minute buy. Nick’s been super busy with work lately, and he has a lot on his plate. If you’re also busy, or just haven’t yet figured out what your mom wants, I’m here to tell you once again that a house cleaning from Molly Maid will make EVERY mother happy. A clean home gives you peace of mind, free time, and a fresh start. I am not kidding when I say that every time I come home after a Molly Maid cleaning, I practically cry I’m so happy. It’s just an amazing feeling.

There is a catch, though. Having someone else come in and clean your home can be stressful. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I have to clean up before the housekeepers come over. I’m too embarrassed for them to see the unfiltered state of my home, I guess. It can also be uncomfortable to have someone  messing with your stuff, so to speak. What if they move things around, or go into an off-limits area?

One thing I’ve learned from Michael, my local Molly Maid head honcho, is that most of our fears are unfounded. If you’re nervous about having a cleaning service in your home, or simply unsure of what to do or expect, all you have to do is talk with them first. They’ll give you the scoop and let you know everything that will be happening. You can also communicate any special instructions or requests. If a service isn’t receptive to these questions, then find another one that is.

Michael recently gave me some specific tips for preparing your home for the best cleaning possible.

  • Pick up the toys, laundry, and anything else that is scattered throughout your home. This is especially true for important paperwork and mail! (So yes, you do have to tidy up a bit before they come.)
  • Load the dishwasher, so the sink is empty to clean.
  • Leave some fresh linens out so the bed can be changed.
  • Make sure the cleaning service is aware of your pets. If you know that your pets may not be friendly with your team, please make prior arrangements for them.
  • If you have cleaning products you particularly like, leave them out so they can use it.
  • If there are any changes to the regular cleaning plan, be sure to make note of it and let the team know. For example, if there is a sink that doesn’t work, let us know so we dont worry that we accidentally broke it!
  • Last but not least, leave a list of where we are falling below your expectations. We are humans; we make mistakes. We don’t like doing a bad job so let us know how we can improve. Keep in mind that with different seasons different things happen. For example, with pollen during spring it may seem that there is more dust.

And the feeling you get after a successful cleaning doesn’t have to go away. I’ve been using these handy cleaning schedules and tips to help keep everything tidier between cleanings. It’s made a difference in keeping our household running smoothly.

So if you, too, haven’t gotten a gift for the special mom in your life, don’t worry. Just pick up the phone and call Michael at 501-758-9996. Or, you can find your local Molly Maid franchise quickly on their website. Call them now, and they’ll help your purchase a gift certificate and even arrange for an estimate. It couldn’t be easier. And I GUARANTEE you will be most popular person in your mother’s life. As much as she might like being a martyr, she likes a clean house more, I promise!




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