Excuses, Excuses

Why yes, I do know it’s been over a month since I posted. And yes, I do know I promised more information on NOLA, and that some of you are planning upcoming trips to the Crescent City, and that without my valued advice YOUR WHOLE STINKING VACATION WILL BE RUINED AND TRAVEL INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER HAVING NOTHING TO DO BECAUSE YOUR BLOGGER FRIEND IS LAZY.

I get it.

But sheesh, have I ever been busy. It’s all Tobi’s fault. Ever since I started working with her, it’s been one grand idea, one huge project after another. Boy, are we having fun. But boy, does my head feel like it’s going to explode. I come home every day, exhausted, both mentally and physically. These days, I’m either running full speed ahead or at a dead stop. And unfortunately, my blog has suffered because of that.

So I guess there’s nothing like your boss saying she’s going to link to your blog from her widely-read, award-winning blog to get your rear in gear and get you posting again, right? Right. So as soon as Tobi broke the news to me, I 1) ran a find-and-replace to change any dirty words to “golly-gees” and “darn-tootins” and other Mayberry-approved phrases and 2) decided to post something right quick like.

Hopefully this will get me back in the writing groove. I’ll get more of my NOLA tips published soon. And in the meantime, if you’re hungry, please meet one of my most popular posts ever. You can thank me later.


  1. Dawn says

    OK, Amy Bee Dot, question for you: since Tobi is linking your blog to her site (which is how I found you, by the way) are you going to continue to keep your professional life separate? Just curious…

    • says

      My initial thought is “I’ll do my best.” I tend to think that those interested in my personal blog aren’t interested in my work life, and that those interested in Tobi’s work aren’t at all interested in my ramblings, but who knows — I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time! (But don’t tell my husband that — I have to keep up my reputation as being ALWAYS RIGHT.)

  2. says

    Great recipe!!! My wife and I will have to give it a go. Sally does a killer tomato/basil sauce in a similar manner and I’m always amazed at how consitently it comes out. A pinch of this, a scooch of that and… voila! Another amazing meal!!!!

  3. says

    Since you have so much time on your hands, I’d really like a jar o’ that sauce. Soon. Because I know where your priorities really lie…. the feeding of your friends.

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